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Four Major International Airlines Join TSA PreCheck


Traveling just got a whole lot easier for U.S. flyers, thanks to the expansion of the TSA PreCheck program. Four major international airlines—Air New Zealand, Aer Lingus, Ethiopian Airlines, and Saudia—have recently joined the program, promising to make the often stressful experience of airport security a breeze for travelers. These airlines cover long-haul routes connecting the U.S. to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific, providing expedited security benefits to a wide range of destinations.

What Does This Mean for Travelers?

If you’re a TSA PreCheck member, flying out on any of these airlines now means access to dedicated security lanes that are much quicker than standard lines. You can keep your shoes, belts, and lightweight jackets on, and your laptops, iPads, and liquids can stay in your bag. This is a game-changer for anyone who dreads the tedious and time-consuming security process at the airport.

A Growing Network

This expansion follows a trend of rapid growth for TSA PreCheck. Earlier this year, eight more airlines were added to the program in March, including Air Premia, Air Tahiti Nui, and Iberia. With over 100 carriers now participating, TSA PreCheck is becoming an essential travel tool for frequent flyers.

Why You Should Enroll in TSA PreCheck

Summer travel is notorious for long lines and congested airports. Without TSA PreCheck, you might find yourself pleading with fellow passengers to let you skip ahead to catch your flight. Avoid the stress and sign up for TSA PreCheck. The enrollment process is straightforward: complete an online application, attend a brief in-person appointment for fingerprinting and a background check, and pay an $85 fee for a five-year membership.

Moreover, many credit cards offer statement credits that cover the TSA PreCheck fee, making the process even more accessible.

Take the Next Step

With the inclusion of Air New Zealand, Aer Lingus, Ethiopian Airlines, and Saudia, the benefits of TSA PreCheck are more valuable than ever. If you’re a frequent international traveler, enrolling in TSA PreCheck will save you time and make your travel experience more pleasant. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a long security line this summer—apply for TSA PreCheck today and enjoy smoother travels all year round.

Safe travels and happy flying!


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